* UAB Eksporto kelias   
Import and export of livestock animals.  (Prekyba Versseliais – Lambs – Cattle & Other Livestock)

* UAB Eksporto Kelias. Is a company that specializes in importing and exporting  livestock. In cooperation with skilled stock-breeders, we buy and sell cattle, lambs. As a market leader in animal husbandry, we guarantee quality and service. We offer a complete solution , combining efficiency and quality, as well as care for both clients and animals. We would love to share with you the benefits of our extensive network, knowledge and expertise.

* The company specializes in the export of livestock animals.   
* Company code: 304606417
* Export Certificate: Veterinary, Veterinary Examination Certificate, Inspection .

* Farm & Karantina:
We have our karantina and our farm .